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Ashwini Bhansali (Khaparde)

Ashwini, an engineer by education, believes she could have put those 4 years to better use. However, she also belongs to the school of thought that the Engineers are a cut above the rest with the  “Jugaad” mindset and street smartness that engineering inculcates.

She worked with manufacturing giants for over a decade, selling Automation Products but better late than never, she realized she couldn’t draw a neat circuit diagram of a Power amplifier to save her life; and moved on to building her own business of selling gas, literally as an LPG distributor and figuratively as a Professor of Management.  

Once upon a time, titled as Mrs Personality and Mrs Beautiful Smile by Times of India Mumbai. And in more recent times, felt entitled to give gyaan on soft skills and behavioural management; and get paid for it!

And of course, to top it all up, she is a self-proclaimed Super MOM to NEEV.

So with this palette of myriad experiences, she decided to pen down the small but colourful celebrations of life’s Simple Charms.

Hope you enjoy it!

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