Can we define KRA and KPI for Lockdown home chores ? !

Today morning, at the breakfast table, we were arguing over who would make the morning tea and who would fill the water bottles. That argument went on to the point that we started making a log book to quantify who did maximum home chores during this lockdown.

Father, who is in between the quarterly appraisal cycle of his team said – “Enough of this! Let’s define the KRA (Key Responsibility Areas and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for the home chores!”

Coincidentally, I had recently finished explaining the concept to my management students and thought this would be a great example for the next batch.

The little one looked totally lost,but wanted to be an active part of this parliamentary debate.

So, we explained him the concept and we took up the task to define our own KRA and KPI –only for the home chores!


KRA: “Take care of the house! That includes, cooking, maintaining inventory, cleaning, laundry, gardening, engaging kid with learning activity, kid’s fitness and much more!”

KPI: “Cook at least one meal per day. Rest can’t be quantified.”


KRA: “Behave like a good boy.”

KPI: “Clean room 3 times a week. Fill 7 water bottles every day.”

 (😊 how cute is that!)


KRA : “Hmm. I need some more time to define.”

KPI :“1. Finish one series on Netflix every week.

2. Fill two water bottles per day – one to take for the tennis session and the other for the rest of the day.

3. Spend one hour every day with son– for developing his skills.

(Yeah right! that is on PlayStation or watching Battle Bots!)

4. Eight hours of sleep a day.

5.Weight training thrice a week.

6. Make Sunday evening tea.

7.Try new non-vegetarian recipe every fortnight. (BTW I am vegetarian)”

I read and was left dumbstruck!

Technically I should have said “you are fired!”

I screamed as usual “there can be no appraisal cycle for us. Just make a note – you owe me an Apple watch for now! Period.”

And … I realized – “Individual KRA & KPI cannot be defined for Home Chores!!!

Home chores are Family goals!

The goals that the family individuals work as a team to meet them. They contribute in their own way. Sometimes we can quantify and allocate them. But most of the times they are unsaid, unsung and simply understood.

Just like, if one cooks, the other one lays the table and the third one cleans up the utensils. This goes in autocycle mode to assure the uninterrupted supply of meals.

Just like, out of the blue the father would take the son to coach for basketball; because he knows that mother wants to finish the last episode of The Beecham House.

We discovered new family goals during the lockdown. Each one of us contributed well, beyond expectations. I shall write about it sometime; to archive, if not to publish on my blogpost.

This was part of the year 2020.

5 thoughts on “Can we define KRA and KPI for Lockdown home chores ? !

  1. Inculcation of values and humane management practices are a integral part of our family and social systems. You have very sensetivly brought it out with a choice of words not being jargons. Loved reading it. Is 2020 a “changer” in our lives??

    Keep it up! Power to your thoughts and their expressions!

    Liked by 1 person

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