Trekking trail near Nagpur – Kunwara Bhimsen

Kunwara Bhimsen, Parsheoni, Nagpur, Maharashtra,India.

Roughly 80 kms from zero mile, on Jabalpur highway. A serene spot for hiking!

Kunwara Bhimsen, Parsheoni, Nagpur, Maharashtra,India.

We are in the middle of a pandemic. It’s been over 5 months that we haven’t been on any vacation or even a weekend getaway. We badly needed a break from the monotonous schedules of work from home, home school and the home chores.

A friend suggested that we should plan a Sunday picnic to Kunwara Bhimsen – a place near the city, but closer to nature and not very crowded.

Kunwara Bhimsen, Parsheoni, Nagpur, Maharashtra,India.

Kunwara Bhimsen has a lake, which is surrounded by hills; and a temple in the foothills. Its green and serene, looked apt for a family picnic.

We thought we’d take a walk, play some fun games with kids, have a meal that we packed from home and return back.

But to our pleasant surprise the Sunday picnic turned out to be a Hiking trip!

Few things to consider, if you plan to go hiking at Kunwara Bhimsen

1 It is roughly a 4 km stretch (up and down). On an average, it would take around 45 mins, each way.Remember its an uphill climb (the stray dogs tag along to show you the way 🙂 ).

2 If you want to avoid other visitors, it will be better to reach early in the morning. Plan so that you complete the hike before noon.

3 We went with a mindset of picnic, so carried baskets and totes.  Bag packs would have been a better option to carry along.

4 It’s a beautiful view from the top of the hill.  It would be a great idea to have your brunch there.

5 Carry dry snacks, beverages and water. Also, a garbage bag, as you will not find any trashcans nearby.

It would be a difficult trek for the people with knee problems. Others’, will love the sweat-out.

Kunwara Bhimsen, Parsheoni, Nagpur, Maharashtra,India.

Happy hiking!

8 thoughts on “Trekking trail near Nagpur – Kunwara Bhimsen

  1. Hi Ashwini
    I was planning for a trek myself. Could you share some details about the car parking, security and how to get to the trek starting spot(are there visible signposts, ask around, etc)?


    1. Hi!
      Here are the details what you asked for :
      Car parking : There is an open spaces/ ground near the temple,you can park your vehicle there.
      Security:You will find locals around. Well, the trek would be somewhat isolated . Would advise to go in a group or at least with trek partner
      Lastly, there are no boards or signposts, you need to ask the locals there.Its quite easy to spot the trek base.
      Hope it helps!


      1. Thanks for the reply!
        I actually ended up going there today morning and had a blast! Thank you for the blog which sparked my today’s escapade. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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