Coconut Lagoon

The onset of monsoon makes me nostalgic about our Kerala ( India) trip.

Kerala has always been on our vacation bucket list. But we kept pushing it down the list specifically for two reasons

a. We need a relaxing break from the hustle bustle of our super busy day to day schedule; and going through a typical Kerala travel itinerary would made us feel as if we are on a hop-on -hop off ride.

b. We need a holiday which would engage our little one with activities and some kind of explorations. I am pretty sure my seven year would not be interested in our kind of holidays – laid back, tranquil and serene. He loves the theme park getaways.

Although Kerala has a lot to offer -beaches, hill stations, jungles, backwaters, waterfalls, lagoons, spice gardens, health resorts; but still did not fit our bill.

So, we figured that if Kerala needs to be ticked from our bucket list, let us cover one landscape at a time.

With bit of research and my super reliable instincts, we picked up lagoon. The Coconut Lagoon!

Coconut Lagoon -A CGH Earth property, located upon the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakon in Kerala ,India. Kumarakon, is well known for its enchanting backwaters. PC: anubha
Coconut Lagoon- a piece of pristine woodlands and wetlands, which maintains the old age Kerala tradition alive.

Coconut Lagoon – A perfect blend of leisurely and touristy holiday!

Here’s why I feel that way…

1 An enchanting pathway to the resort.
There is only one way to get to Coconut Lagoon – over the waters! You need to take 10 min private jetty ride to get to the resort. It sets the tone of the holiday- exciting and novel.

Pathway to Coconut Lagoon , Kerala, India
Video – Entry to Coconut Lagoon, Kerala, India

2 Stay at the remnants of Tharavads
The accommodations at Coconut Lagoon are unique, guided by the regional and the natural elements. They are built from the remnants of the old mansions called Tharavads. We booked a Heritage bungalow and a lake front villa with private pool. The open-air washroom adds to the rustic feel. The accommodations are rustic yet very comfortable; and feel like fit for nobility.

Villa-Coconut Lagoon, Kerala, India
Villa-Coconut Lagoon, Kerala, India
Villa-Private Pool-Coconut Lagoon, Kerala, India
Open air washroom-Coconut Lagoon, Kerala, India

3 Perfect start to the mornings
How would you like to start your day? At the Coconut Lagoon, you are spoiled for choice – Take a long walk in the groves, explore the rare species of the birds; get enlightened and lightened by the yoga gurus ‘exclusive work-out plans at the yoga kuttir; or take a dip in the pool – overlooking the Vembanad lake.Or just get cosy in that antique bed!

Coconut Lagoon, Kerala ,India

4 Explorer’s delight
A guided tour of the property, will cover the recycled -water bottling plant, the water pumping stations-that uses the age-old canal irrigation methods, the compost pit points. You’ll walk away with an insight and understanding as to how this eco -village contributes to maintain the ecosystem.

You can also attend exclusive cooking session, where the in-house chef reveals the secret of the perfectly cooked Malabari curry.

Coconut Lagoon ,Kerala,India

5 Novel Activities to indulge in
Canoeing through the narrow canals, and being served hot tea out there. Doesn’t that sound great!

Canoeing-Coconut Lagoon, Kerala, India

Take the traditional saree/lungi draping sessions

6 House-A-Boat for a day trip
There is an option of booking a half day houseboat tour. Sail over the confluence of canal and a bay; and savour the Malabari food served out there.

7 Treat for the kiddos
While you retreat at the Ayurveda spa; the kids can lounge around at the kid’s club. The in-house entertainment zone is loaded with fun activities and games.Also, kids can try their hands on chasing some butterflies at the dedicated butterfly park.

Coconut Lagoon, Kerala ,India

8 Get a Cultural peek
In the evenings, there are cultural shows of the performing dance arts -Khatakkali, Mohiniyattam and martial art- Kalaripayattu.

9 Sumptuous food
The CG has a rich buffet spread, from continental to the very local Kerala cuisine. Vella appam with stew, Meen Moilee (fish & Prawns ) and Sadya Specia (banana leaf meal ) shouldn’t be missed.

Dinning area – Coconut Lagoon, Kerala, India

10 No television sets
That gives space to lot of WE and ME time! 🙂

Everything fits in so perfectly. A holiday – action filled yet tranquil! We take back the jetty to go to the mainland, and start planning for the next Kerala destination, the CGH property destination- Marari Beach.

4 thoughts on “Coconut Lagoon

  1. Your descriptive writing oozing the charms of this place from God’s own Country is infectious!

    Wouldn’t know when…but surely it finds a unique place in my bucket list.

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