Corporate Learnings

So many Opportunities come and go
Which one’ll stick, you never know
All you can do is give your best
When each one of them, puts you to the test    

You might be a smooth operator, multi-skilled even
Got the gift of the gab, success almost a given
But your work and skills are nothing more than dust
If the foundation is not built on Trust.

You can build a slick strategy
And a crafty Communication plan
But what works best in the worst of times,
Is be as often and honest as you can.

Prof said, focus on your Core Competency
Boss said," you don’t know all this, seriously?!"
Now let me just be the proverbial Jack
Then find the right guy, and simply piggyback.

Meetings after meetings, one too many
For all the different opinions, if I just had a penny
But now I’ve found my zone of Zen
Let them tell you what, and just say amen.

MS Office tools are not just productivity enhancers
In fact, they are really seniority indicators
Excels are for interns, managers wrestle with the power-point
Execs send emails, sit back & have a joint

-Milind Bhansali 

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