they kept the blue flame burning…

After the outbreak of Covid 19 this year, lock down was imposed across the nation. While most of us stayed home, stayed safe; many were out there in the line of duty.

We named them Corona Warriors. On top of the list, were the ilk of doctors, nurses, ward boys, pathologists and pharmacists. Then came the policemen, the sanitary workers, the essential service providers: milk, vegetables, grocery, utilities, IT, banking. The social workers also joined the troop, as they fed the millions of migrant workers. This list evolved as the journey of corona virus and lock down progressed.

But there are a few unsung heroes who did not find any mention in the applause and thanksgiving. The one, who made sure we got the refills of our cooking gas; while we were busy honing our culinary skills – The LPG Deliverymen!

Around 1 lakh delivery men across the nation, worked selflessly on the front line to maintain the uninterrupted supply of cooking gas.

Let’s meet one of them.

Vikrant Shalikram Thakre

Vikrant, 33, is based out of Nagpur. He and his brethren are the last, but the most important link in the LPG supply chain. On an average, Vikrant delivers 50 cylinders to different households every day. There have been tough times too during peak-demand periods, when he pushes himself hard to cross the century mark.

With every delivery, he ensures that the customer is safe, as he meticulously conducts the pre-delivery checks, to ensure the equipment is sound and leak proof. But at the same time, with every household he serves, he is increasing risk of his exposure to the virus. Despite being equipped with all the possible armour: Mask, Gloves, Face Shield and Sanitizer; he is still a worried father before returning home everyday to his lovely daughters Aarohi & Bhargavi .

“stay home and break the chain” certainly does not apply to this link of the supply chain.

Because, he is The LPG delivery man! The unsung Corona Warrior! The one who kept the blue flame burning…..

8 thoughts on “they kept the blue flame burning…

  1. These are the unsung heroes which keep the “chulha” heated. Kudos to their spirit! Very apt and well worded appreciation by you Ashwini.

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  2. Really this job of distributing the gas cylenders to the venders door to door was very risky in this pendamic period of Corona Virus Covid -19 that to be without proper protective kits but still they performed their duty regularly and honestly knowing the conciquences of infection of corona hence we must salute to this warriors and thanked them from the bottom of our heart.

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  3. Rightly said they are also real warrior to keep the burning of stomach low…..roti to zarorri hai…..and they are man behind getting it. Perfectly written Ashwini.


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