back to the year 2020..

The online teaching methodology, is it a stop-gap arrangement or the only and long-term way forward? Will it build the life skills in my kid, that the real school would do? Let us park that discussion for some other time.

For now, let’s embrace what clearly is the need of the hour.

Here are a few details we looked into, to make the online learning effective and fun.

We selected an isolated corner of the house. Few aspects that we considered for the selection is: –

  • Airy and well-lit space
  • Presentable background
  • When the class goes live, no one else except the participant should be visible on the screen
  • The light source should not be behind the child and facing the camera

After selecting the apt space, we focussed on the arrangement for the study space.

As most of the parents, we too are worried about the negative effects of the online leaning. Especially if the child is myopic. Here we did an extra bit. We connected the Laptop to the Smart TV and made sure the child is 6 feet from the screen.

The stationary was arranged on the table.

Water bottle was placed, so that the child is hydrated all the time.

We got our boy ready and dressed as if he was to attend the real school. Neat and Tidy, Spick and Span! 

No eating and munching allowed during the class.

We plugged into the class with the audio on Mute.

And most importantly, we conducted a couple of dry runs the previous day. Just to make sure all the computer peripherals worked fine.

This is how the virtual classroom looked like ….

So, here’s to the new ways of schooling…like it or not!

6 thoughts on “back to the year 2020..

  1. It seems like to move forward we have to adjust to this “new normal” sooner than later. Interesting to see the new check list provided by schools nowadays. Lol. Who would have imagined to see a day like this.
    Good read. Keep going! Kudos!

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  2. It’s difficult to comprehend how the kids must be adjusting to the new normal, but it’s great to see the efforts of the online platforms to come up with new ways to keep the kids motivated, we need to support them in every possible way as well! It was really fun but reading this!


  3. I wish this should not be permanent normal for next generation… group study and learning are always better and long lasting…..and more importantly they will miss the fun of learning together…. nicely jotted down the current e learning situation and most importantly the dos & don’t of same

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  4. Back to school was the days when we go back to school after summer/winter vacation and were quite excited about it…..but this time back to school was little different but u ensured that still neev is excited about it by ensuring small small steps. Hope & wish kids r used to it soon

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